Personal Training Starter Package: $49

One Goals/Fitness assessment: This assessment includes a full body analysis which shows your body fat percentage, muscle mass, water weight and your basal metabolic rate! These along with measurements and optional before photos are the perfect way to begin tracking your results. During your first session, we will gather this data and spend the majority of the time learning about you! What you’ve done with nutrition and fitness in the past, what changes you would like to make, what schedule is most ideal, and (most importantly) what goals you would like to achieve! This initial meeting will give us both a chance to learn about each other and set the groundwork for your second session.
In your second session, we will take you through your first personal training session! At this time will we gather a few more baseline measurements, this time revolving around your fitness ability on day one! This will allow our trainers to gather important information about where you are now so we can structure your personal program accurately,  safely, and above all effectively!
Things to know:
* Plan on each session taking between 45-60 minutes.
* Workout clothes are needed for day two, but optional for day 1
* Schedule for day 1 needs to be set at least a week prior if possible.

One UNLIMITED Month of Classes: $99

Trying out a new gym can be a fun and exciting time, but also filled with lots of pressure. Did you like the atmosphere? The people? The coaches? Sometimes one free workout isn’t enough, and we understand that. That’s why we have dropped our one month price by nearly 50%! Come try either of our class programs for a full month! Take the time to see how well it fits into your schedule, meet our team and awesome members! We are confident you will experience the Down Home Difference and see why so many call us their second home.


man lifting heavy weight in crossfit class

CrossFit: (The basic definition) ‘Constantly varied, functional movements that are executed at high intensity.’

This is CrossFit at Down Home defined by our Head Programmer and Owner Jake: If you’re unfamiliar with what CrossFit is, Down Home defines it as follows. A training methodology that focuses on well-crafted workouts that challenge you physically, mentally, and even emotionally. If we can progressively increase your capacity to do work, your efficiency to move better, and your overall functionality we have done half of our job. The other half – getting you to occasionally step outside of your comfort zone, build confidence, and embolden you to reach new heights. This is often what surprises members the most!

We are more than just a fitness facility. We are a community of like-minded individuals striving to better ourselves day in and day out. Just like a family, we come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ability levels. No one here goes it alone. If you’re looking for a quick-fix, fitness-in-a-pill type of experience, this isn’t it. However, if you’re looking to challenge yourself amongst your peers in a comfortable and judgement free zone we’ve got you covered.

Most of our members will tell you they train with us to “look better”, “perform better”, and to “feel better”. They will tell you they stay with us because it has become their “Home” away from home. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our testimonials page to see what everyone is raving about. Also check out the short video below to see CrossFit in action.

Here at DHCF we break our CrossFit Program into two ‘Tracks’ that are more defined by your goals.



Simple, it’s not random training pulled out of a hat being done by a horde of fitness “freaks” with 8 pack abs and muscles on top of muscles, who all look the same (but hopefully we can build a few 6 packs!).
It’s not walking into a gym for the first time and having no one talk to you. The chances of someone extending their hand and saying “Welcome Home.” are high.

It’s not a place full of cliques or drama. It’s not a concrete floor, with gravity on the wall, and chains on the bar. In fact we have showers, free coffee, and a place for your kids to hang out.

It’s not an exclusive place for only the ones who want to compete or who are already fit. It’s a place for anyone. Our differences in all aspects make this place strong and above all understanding and loving.

Down Home is different, and we would love for you to experience the difference today! 

A Sample Workout Day (WOD: workout of the day)

Warm Up:
4 Minutes Lax Ball Work
4 Minutes Deep Stretch
400m Run/Row

Hollow Rocks
Flutter Kicks
Bike Crunches

:40 of work, :20 of Transition for a total of 5 Rounds
Over Head Squats (75/55) or Dumbbell Squats (44/27)
Pulls Ups or Ring Rows
HandStand Push Ups or Bear Crawls

Post WOD:
800 m Run/Row with 2×10 Kettlebell Deadlifts

(Note: Movements in Orange are more geared towards Performance Goals and moves in green are more for the Fitness Track athletes. At the end of this workout is where the Fitness Track athletes would complete their day)

5 minutes Coach Led Technique Talk and Warm Up
DeadLift: 8-8-6-4-2
Weighted Chin Up: 3-2-1-x-1



beginner crossfit class


As professional coaches, we want a chance to see you move and put you through a thorough assessment and basic movement screenings before you jump into training. As a new member, you are going to want to know our lingo, class structure, and movements/exercises before jumping into your first barbell day. The best way to accomplish both of these things is our Fundamentals Course.

Because we use a very specific style of training, we want everyone to be on the same page. This really helps to remove the intimidation factor most people feel before starting CrossFit! From the novice to the advanced, this small group (or even individual) coaching course is guaranteed to teach you something new.

How it works:

Our Fundamentals course last the entire month. Over that time, you will meet with your coach on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:15p.m for 3 weeks. (See start dates below). During these weeks, you have the chance to do our CrossFit: Fitness Track along with your teaching sessions. On your 4th week, you get UNLIMITED access to both CrossFit: Performance + Fitness Track to help you make the best decisions on which membership package works best for you BEFORE committing to one.

To Recap:

  • 6 Personal/Small Group Sessions to Learn the Lifts
  • 3 Weeks Unlimited Fitness Track
  • 1 Week Unlimited Performance Track (Includes Fitness Track)


barbell on the ground

WHY do you want it? HOW do we do it? WHAT’s it look like?



Here at Down Home, you are encouraged to express yourself. The best part, we uncover ways to help you find your “best” self to express. For many of us, this is quite a challenge as life presents many obstacles. Personal Training allows for you to customize your schedule while working with a coach to personalize workouts based on your individual needs, goals, fitness level and comfort. Our personal training program has quickly grown to one of the top in the area! If you are interested in scheduling an intro to personal training appointment, just follow the link below to schedule your complimentary session!



This experience allows you to really get a feel for the vibe, workout style, and how well your preferred class time fits into your schedule. Once you’ve done that, we will sit down after to talk about how to get started. So that’s a Free workout, with great people that fits into your schedule! No commitment until you know what WORKS FOR YOU!