Do you keep up with regular maintenance on you vehicle? Oil changes every 3-5k miles? Tire rotation, alignment, air filters, etc? Of course you do. Your car is a complex piece of machinery and it needs care once in a while. The human body is a very complex piece of machinery indeed. And just like our cars, our bodies are prone to the wear and tear of everyday life.

Do you sit at work most of the day? Spend a lot of time hunched forward on your phone? Are you aware of your foot, ankle, knee, and pelvic position during your 3-10k steps per day? Our Movement & Mobility class is geared towards working through the kinks of everyday life.

Have you suffered from low back pain most of your life? Do your knees ache after a run (or even during)? Are you still struggling to get that full range of motion out of your frozen shoulder? Come enjoy 45-60 minutes of deliberate self-maintenance. We will be utilizing a plentitude of techniques to open joints, release tight tissue, and calm overactive muscles. “KSTAR QUOTE”


Movement & Mobility Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:15-6:15 pm