What is CrossFit like at Down Home?

Simple, it’s smart training in a community of like-minded individuals striving to better themselves day in and day out. Just like a family, we come in all shapes, sizes, and ability levels. No one here goes it alone. Our camaraderie is infectious.

What is CrossFit NOT like at Down Home?

Simple, it’s not random training pulled out of a hat being done by a horde of fitness “freaks” with 8 pack abs and muscles on top of muscles (but hopefully we can build a few 6 packs!).

Why CrossFit?

Your time is valuable. We know that. We also know how valuable your health is. We all want more time – healthy, meaningful time. This program is designed to maximize your time at the gym and to get the most out of your health and fitness potential. With a 60 minute structure, we have ample time to focus on all aspects of fitness: Stamina, Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility, and Balance. We will accomplish these 10 physical components of fitness with a barrage of techniques, modalities, and equipment. Have you ever heard of a Turkish Get UP? A Clean & Jerk? Have you ever done Bear Crawls? or Thrusters? Have you ever broken out in sweats just from stretching!? At Down Home CrossFit, you will be exposed to all of these wonderful things and you’ll come to love them. We want each individual team member to get as much out of this program as possible. We have implemented many features into this program to ensure that each member is taken care of and has the most meaningful experience possible. One of our many mottos: “we will assess, correct, integrate, and reinforce”. Our goal is to build a team of healthy functional humans that love to train with one another! Join the team and you’ll never look back!