• CrossFit L-1
  • CrossFit Movement & Mobility
  • C.S.C.S. *certified strength & conditioning specialist (NSCA)
  • BOLC (Basic Olympic Lifting Certification – Totten Training Systems)
  • AOLC (Advanced Olympic Lifting Certification – Totten Training Systems)
  • USATF Level 1 coach (USA Track & Field)

Favorite Exercise: Hang Clean (Turkish Get Up is close second)

Favorite Food: Sushi

Well it’s going on 9 years since I’ve really started in on this adventure of seeking optimal health and wellness. It’s been a fun ride thus far and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. I got started in all this when my first job after college had me sitting inside at a desk all day. It just wasn’t for me. I needed open space, fresh air, and a more “meaningful” profession. I took my years of high-school and college athletic experience back to the football field and to the track – I became a coach. Now it wasn’t just my goals and aspirations on the line, but those of a collection of young men and women. I knew I had to be a better coach then I ever was an athlete. These kids were relying on me to be their leader and mentor. I had always been accustomed to a leadership role as captain of many sports teams in both high school and college. However, I knew I needed to have a better grasp on the science behind it all. It was then that I started in on the books, articles, seminars, videos, and anything else I could get my hands on. I had gained a thirst for knowledge. Following my test for my C.S.C.S I became a personal trainer while still coaching high school athletics. I also enrolled in a master’s degree program in exercise science and sport management. I found that I truly loved human physiology, the mental aspect of health/fitness/wellness, and working with people and felt like I had found my purpose. Also, it was just amazing to me that some of the things most people think about health, fitness, and especially nutrition are completely backwards. I had to know the truth! I remember reading 67 books in 2011 (yes I counted them), most of which concerned health/fitness and especially nutrition. I’m just saying there’s a lot of information out there and someone has to be able to sort through it all – especially if it’s their job to disseminate it to others. I could talk training and nutrition for hours, so if you’re ever bored…I’m also a big believer that everyone is capable of change. Sometimes they just need the right stimulus. Having worked in many different gym settings from university rec centers to corporate fitness centers and even 4 different CrossFit gyms, I’ve seen the different approaches to “member stimulation”. To be honest, I saw some good in each setting, but often something was missing. My vision of Down Home is one of community. A place where we can all come together for a greater purpose. A place where no one person is above another. A place where a great group of people come together to accomplish what might be impossible for the individual. At Down Home, I want to feel down at home every day and I want everyone else to feel the same.