Instructor: Kristen Sommer
Instructor: Kristen Sommer
Zumba is a dance fitness program incorporating aerobic exercise based on Latin dance. Using upbeat music together in conjunction with movements that maximize cardiovascular exercise, Zumba aims to increase fitness levels while being fun. Zumba is constructed as a generalized fitness choice, mixing cardio intervals with repeated movements and body weight resistance. Many studies show that an interval/resistance combination increases calorie and fat burning as well as tones the body. Zumba incorporates body exercise movements with dance steps. By doing so, participants do not feel like they are working out in the traditional sense, allowing them to hopefully exercise longer, and burn even more calories while increasing cardio capacity.

A typical Zumba session lasts about an hour and incorporates several differing dance styles and is lead by an instructor. The music includes both upbeat and slow songs, allowing for a cardio workout that uses interval training techniques by being fast-paced with short recovery intervals. The type of dancing style can depend on the instructor and the music chosen; this variety includes Latin salsa, belly dancing, or hip-hop dancing.

Zumba Instructor: Kristen Sommer

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