This program is not currently active. A new schedule for the Summer of 2016 will be posted soon. 

But it’s also true – kids don’t get much exercise these days! We want to make a huge impact in this community and change that standard. At Down Home, we believe that kids can have it so much better! Imagine what would happen if your child met a group a peers a couple times a week and did the following: worked with a coach on mechanics for basic human movement patterns like running, jumping, squatting down, bending over, carrying things, throwing things, and pushing and pulling things. Now imagine if they took what they learning that day and integrated it into play. That’s right, I didn’t say into a “workout”. Kids should play. That’s what we do here at Down Home CrossFit Kids. Much like sport, it promotes teamwork and camaraderie without the mantra of “not skilled enough”, or “not fast/coordinated/strong enough”. We teach in a fun and interactive way. This is a great tool to build confidence and social interaction. Aside from the common physical benefits of “exercise” (motor coordination, body composition, building strong bones, developing proper mechanics, etc), new research is pouring in applauding the mental benefits of not just exercise, but exercise in a group setting.