• CPT with National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • CrossFit-Level One Trainer
  • CrossFit-Movement/Mobility
  • CrossFit-Gymnastics
  • CrossFit- Kids
  • CRP/AED/First Aid

Favorite Exercise: Body Weight movements

Favorite Food: Bullet Proof Coffee

I first began coaching athletes at the age of 15. I had been sought out to do some private softball skill lessons from parents of younger athletes and immediately fell in love the profession. I remained a personal coach until the year of 2011 when I began coaching team sports for both the local recreation department and Bulloch Academy. Teaching young athletes, ages ranging of 7-16, taught me the importance of always learning and re-enforcing the fundamentals, and how to breakdown even the most basic of skills. Though my love/passion for seeing people reach their goals and discover new heights completely satisfied my wants in a career, I deeply missed the comradery that I has lost after my collegiate athletics. That is when a friend recommended I go check out the local CrossFit gym in my area. When I first started CrossFit I was amazed, blown away, and intrigued. It was unlike any gym I had ever been to. I was no longer working out alone in a room full of people with different goals and mindsets. I was working out with a community of people who all had one main goal “to be healthy”, and who were willing to share their goals, failures, and successes with me to help encourage me to reach my own! I was a part of a “team” again. A team that consisted of people younger than me and way older than me. Our backgrounds, body types, majors, and careers were all different, but the friendships and support that blossomed in that gym still unites us to this day.

In addition to this new community I was now so proud to be a part of, my mind was opened up to the science behind strength training and exercise. From a professional standpoint I was incredibly humbled and thirsty by all the knowledge that I now knew I needed to learn to take me to the next level in my profession. After switching my major to exercise science and reading numerous books about training philosophy, the human frame, and nutrition I began implementing these new practices as a coach. Just as I had seen amazing results myself, my athletes (ages now ranging from 7-72) also began to see tremendous improvements in all areas of life; sleep, mentality, appetite, physical ability, and weight loss. Impacting peoples lives through educated training methodology and clean nutritional guidelines, changed my attitude about coaching forever. It was no longer just about physical measurable improvements, but about truly changing people’s overall quality of life, no matter what stage in life they were at. Seeing these life changes in my own life re-enforced this change even more.

It is with that passion and love for changing lives though health and fitness that I decided to open Down Home Crossfit. Our team of highly educated and experience coaches all share this same passion! Today I still strive to be the best coach that I can be through my 8 years of experience, continuing education, and a thriving passion for seeing life changes in others. And it is with just as much passion, I welcome you to see the difference that being “Down Home” will make in your own life!